Dominic Monaghan Reacts To Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Series For Streaming — "I Think It’s Fine!"

Dominic Monaghan Reacts To Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Series For Streaming — "I Think It’s Fine!"

The actor, who played Merry in the film series, weighs in on The Rings of Power.

Ep.3 – An Unexpected Guest: Elijah Wood (Pt 1 of 2)

Elijah Wood joins Billy and Dom in the studio, discussing Elijah becoming a first time father during Covid, their record collecting club during the production of LOTR, Elijah’s brutal fall while hosting a film festival and more. Tune in next week for Part 2!

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Prank interview with Elijah Wood

THis is a prank interview that Dom did on Elijah. IT IS SO FUNNY!!! i love his laugh it is so cute!!! but i hope you enjoy it. please rate/comment
oh and check out my website for the hobbits. it’s really cool!!!
it has vids and info about all the hobbits!!!

How Old Was Dominic Monaghan During The Lord of the Rings?

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd answer the web’s most searched questions about themselves and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

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