How Princess Leia Became A General: From A New Hope To The Last Jedi

How Princess Leia Became A General: From A New Hope To The Last Jedi

We explore the original space princess’s long, strange journey in anticipation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: A New Hope – Princess Leia Gets Rescued [CLIP] | TNT

Luke, Han Solo, and Chewie disguise themselves as Stormtroopers to save Princess Leia.

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Star Wars: A New Hope – Princess Leia Gets Rescued [CLIP] | TNT


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Rebel Briefing

The Rebel Alliance learns that the Empire has been constructing a second Death Star under the supervision of the Emperor himself. As the station is protected by an energy shield, Han leads a strike team to destroy the shield generator on the forest moon Endor; doing so would allow a squadron of starfighters to destroy the Death Star.

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Why Princess Leia Was A General And Not A New Republic Senator – Star Wars #Shorts

In this short video we look at how Princess Leia Organa Solo transitioned from being Senator Leia in the New Republic Senate to General Leia, leader of the Resistance against the First Order.

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Leia Organa – A Princess, A General, A Mentor | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

The legacy of Leia Organa stretches from her days fighting with the Rebel Alliance to commanding the Resistance and inspiring a new generation of heroes in Rey, Poe Dameron, and more.

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