Power Stone 2

Power Stone 2

As a four-player game, it’s definitely one of the wildest fighters to come to the Dreamcast.

Power Stone 2 Gameplay and Commentary

This is the greatest powering up of All Time

Power Stone 2 2022 10 27

1 vs 1
“me olvide de enfocar la cámara” XD
-alex vs hoffer
-humberto vs hoffer
-2 vs2
-frank y hoffer vs alex y humberto
-stage : Desierto

POWERFUL! Power Stone 2: 4 Player Wars, Episode 1 (1080P/60FPS)

What’s better than Power Stone 2 multiplayer? It’s a 4 player, first to five set with Shack462 as player 1. Kurono Alien as player 2. Blakk Lion as player 3. And myself as player 4.

Game: Power Stone 2
System: Dreamcast
Resolution/Framerate: 1080P/60FPS
Hashtags: #PowerStone #Capcom

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“OH NO!” – Power Stone 2

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